Thank you for allowing me to serve you as District 9 School Board Trustee.  Together we have made progress, but there’s still work to be done.  I am seeking re-election and hope to have your continued support.  An education is not only a test score, but more importantly, a set of applied skills that can be used to further our students’ future.  School is never a dress rehearsal for our students; every day, every year counts.

My mission is and always will be to ensure that our children have access to every possible resource and opportunity that DISD has to offer.  My promise to you is to continue changing the lives of children and to provide innovative, supportive, and accountable leadership.  Nothing matters as much to you, or me, as the future success of our children.

Some of the opportunities I have provided as District 9 Trustee and District 9 Community Member:

• Founder of the District 9 Task Force:
The purpose of the District 9 Task Force:
Participate in discussion about issues impacting Dallas ISD and District 9 students.
• Exercise leadership skills by working with administrative staff and District 9 board member.
• Serve as mediators between their schools and the Dallas ISD District 9 Trustee .
• Champion of After8toEducate, a first-of-its-kind, public-private collaboration working to provide housing, social services and immediate support to unsheltered Dallas ISD high school students, while helping improve academic and life outcomes and preventing chronic adult homelessness.

• Lead initiatives to repurpose shuttered DISD facilities to serve DISD students and their families in need of support services through innovative efforts like Frazier House and After8toEducate.
• Took the lead in helping plan, develop and implement the Frazier House Initiative which created more opportunities for children, parents and the local community. Acted as a bridge builder and consensus gatherer by collaborating with Dallas ISD personnel, community stakeholders and area nonprofits in repurposing Julia C. Frazier Elementary School campus to become Frazier House, the first social service provider in North Texas to offer multiple services in one public school facility, by establishing partnerships with community stakeholders, non-profits and service organizations to offer access to educational, legal, health related, economic, and social services resources, as well as provide job readiness skill programming, to area students, residents and community members.

• Secured additional funding for Skyline High School and removal of the portables.
• Secured additional funding for Guzick Elementary School.
• Coordinated and secured the Lincoln Culinary Arts program which has provided students with critical and entrepreneurial skills necessary to thrive in the workforce.

• Secured additional funding for Edna Rowe Elementary School total renovations.
• Secured $29 million for a New H.S. Thompson Learning Center.
• Collaborated and Sponsored the African American Read-In with Cornerstone Baptist Church for the last six years.

• Collaborated and Sponsored the Billy E. Dade Breakfast with Dad Mentoring Event.
• Collaborated and sponsored Project Unity Annual Together We Ball: Police and Pastors Basketball Game Together We Ball.

• Collaborated and Sponsored March Madness Basketball Camp during Spring Break with True Lee Baptist Church
• Sponsored College Tours for District 9 Middle & High School Students to:
• Southern Methodist University
• Prairie View A&M
• University of North Texas
• Southern University
• Texas Southern University
• University of Pine Bluff
• University of Texas in Austin
• Sam Houston State University

• Mentor young boys and young girls from Lincoln High School Monthly
• Mentoring up & community potential leaders
• Sponsored District 9 students to attend Dallas Stars Education Day
• Voted for two TRE options to honor commitment to teachers and students.
• Developed innovative programming such as Running for Success, E-Mentoring, Black History Jeopardy and Organized National Take Our Daughters to Work: An educational mentoring Program for minority young Women in collaboration with the City of Dallas while working at Daniel “Chappie” James Learning Center.

• Championed the rights of local community, civic and family stakeholders in District 9.
• Championed transparency on all Dallas ISD matters.
• Championed the needs of the campuses as listed on the Parson’s Report.
• Fought against policies that have damaged the educational experiences of children in District 9.
• Advocated innovative educational programming in the classroom.
• Fought against ‘One Size Fits All’ educational programming and district policies.
• Advocated for MBWE participation in all district contracting and bid activities.
• Stood against policies and actions that view our children as mere statistics, and not individuals.
• Proud mother of two daughters one who graduated from DISD, and one currently attending, DISD

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