I am Bernadette Nutall, a Dallas ISD mom, and your Dallas ISD, District 9 Trustee. I want to personally thank you for participating in the May 5, 2018 Joint Election. I am in the Run-Off election and I am asking for your support and vote in my re-election campaign.

I believe in DISD, that’s why my youngest child is a DISD student and my oldest is a 2017 graduate and currently attending Florida A&M majoring in Early Childhood Education. My time, my commitment and my family are vested in DISD because I believe our children deserve it ALL – Excellence, Success and Opportunity.

That’s why we have worked together to accomplish the following in District 9:

  • 28 schools in District 9 have or exceed state standards
  • 2 Choice Schools & 1 Choice Montessori
  • 22 Magnet Programs & 1 K-8th Tag/Vanguard Academy
  • 5 Two-Way Dual Language Programs
  • 3 ACE Campuses
  • 2 Collegiate Academy High Schools – Lincoln and Madison High
  • 1 S.T.E.M Academy – Frederick Douglas, an Innovation pilot school that will prepare students to lead and be competitive in a technological world
  • Voted for two Tax Ratification Election proposals that would have resulted increased salaries for our teachers, custodians, librarians, counselors and more resources for schools
  • “Voted NO to raising property taxes to the level which will require DISD to send over $750 million or $3/4 billion back to the state as required by law, during the first 4 years of the increase alone, as a penalty for increasing the district’s tax rate to the maximum.

Secured additional funding for the following District 9 schools:

  • New H.S. Thompson Elementary School
  • Mata Montessori expansion to the 8th grade
  • Skyline High School
  • Edna Rowe Elementary School
  • Lincoln High School
  • Frank Guzick Elementary School
  • John Ireland Elementary School


We’ve lead the charge for After8toEducate, a first-of-its-kind, public private collaboration to provide housing and social services to DISD homeless high school students.

We took the lead in helping plan and develop DISD’s Frazier House Social Service/Wrap-Around Center, a first-of-its-kind collaboration with The Zan Wesley Holmes Community Outreach Center to help our students and families living in poverty.


Together we have made progress, but there is still more to do. Some goals I have for the next 2 ½ years:


  • NO schools rated “Improvement Required” in District 9
  • High-quality teachers and principals for all of our students
  • More students college or career ready so they can compete in our global economy and become productive citizens.


Again, thank you for your support and vote!


Please inform your friends and neighbors even if they did not vote in the May 5, 2018 Joint Election, they can and MUST vote in this Run-Off Election on Saturday, June 16, 2018 and Early voting begins June 4th-12th.


Together, WE can get this done!


Respectfully, Bernadette Nutall, District 9 Trustee




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